Port Ryerse

Port Ryerse Nelly Bauer Realty Inc.jpg Port Ryerse – This small port grew around the mills built by Colonel Samuel Ryerse in the late 1790s. It provided a small thriving shallow-water port in Norfolk County’s lumbering heydays of the 1860s-1870s, but fell into decline when bypassed by the railway in the 1870s. Today Port Ryerse is a quiet refuge for boaters, anglers and beach bums.

Source: Norfolk County Tourism

Port Ryerse (42.759743°N 80.259247°W) is a fishing hamlet in Norfolk County just slightly southwest of Port Dover where people from Southwestern Ontario rent cottages and fish for pleasure during the summer months (Victoria Day through mid-October). Many of the residents are year-round. Most of the people here drive to Port Dover or Simcoe to purchase groceries and other goods, although there was a historic general store until September 2004, when it burned down. Handmade soap and bath shop and folk art shop still exist in the community.

Source: Wikipedia

Port Ryerse is the site of an excellent natural harbour on the mouth of Young creek. Port Ryerse is a good spot for fishing. It also has a nice sandy beach for swimming, boating and other water related activities.

Source: Port Dover Beach.com

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