Waterford Ontario.jpg Waterford is a small town located about 11 kms (7 miles) north of the town of Simcoe. The area surrounding the village is primarily agricultural land, corn and tobacco among the chief crops but other natural health and organic crops are gaining in popularity, such as ginseng. This community has been known successively as Sayles’ Mills, Sovereign’s Mills, Lodersville, and finally as Waterford when a post-office was opened around 1826.

One of the attractions in Waterfold is the Spruce Row Museum (Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum) which exhibits the agricultural heritage of the area. Also Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and picnicking in the Waterford Lakes.

Another popular attraction in Waterford is the “Waterford Deer Park” which is a favorite spot for children and families.

Every October the town of Waterford and surrounding community hosts a Pumpkin Festival with a fireworks display, parade and a spook house. Displaying a “pumpkin pyramid” of 1500 carved pumpkins is an annual tradition for this festival. Source: Soto.on.ca

Waterford is home to tree-lined streets, stately heritage homes, friendly shops, restaurants, business and industry.

Population 3,119 (2011)

Originally called Averill’s or Avery’s Mills, then Sayle’s Mills, then Sovereign’s Mills, this town grew up around Paul Averill’s grist mill on Nanticoke Creek. The large mill pond west of Waterford was created in 1799 when the creek was dammed. In 1816, Job Lodor purchased the mill and renamed the town Lodorsville. In 1826 post office opened under the name of Waterford , possibly named for the county in the Irish Republic . The Canada Southern Railroad, which connected Buffalo and Detroit , passed through Waterford and contributed to its economic prosperity until the decline of rail in the mid 20 th Century. Ginseng, cabbage, tobacco and other horticultural crops grow in the countryside around Waterford . The Spruce Row Museum provides many exhibits highlighting the agricultural heritage of the area. The Waterford Town Hall provides a summer concert series. The beautiful Waterford Lakes are popular for swimming, fishing, boating and picnicking. The Waterford Deer Park is also a popular spot for families. Annual events include the popular Pumpkinfest (October) and Waterford ‘s Christmas Past Lantern Tour (November). GPS N42°56.102′ / W80°17.478′

Source: Norfolk County Tourism